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Book Review: Pray About Everything


In Paul Tautges book, Pray About Everything: Cultivating God-Dependency, the reader is encouraged to walk away with the conviction that prayer is the life-blood of not only the individual Christian but the church, both locally and universally. Much has been written about prayer. There is a good deal of excellent material out there. But Tautges challenges us to think about prayer corporately and in the setting of the church.

Prayer in the church today has oftentimes become relegated to an add-on. Gone are the weekly prayer meetings that once defined the first-century church. It has been replaced by programs and events meant to entertain us and appease our fleshly desires. Who has the time or patience to devote half an hour to prayer let alone one or two?

Pray About Everything is a short but important book on prayer. The last few years have been extremely difficult for our family. In all things God has been teaching us a dependency on Him. This is what Tautges emphasizes repeatedly. Prayer is casting aside the fleshly trappings of our self-sufficiency and relying on God for all things. It is the removing of ourselves from the throne that belongs solely to our Sovereign LORD.

The book is divided up into two parts. The first part addresses a pivotal point: prayer is an expression of God-dependency. The second part is practical and gives brief meditations for prayer meetings. Scripture and excellent quotes from godly men are sprinkled throughout. Rounding out this brief book are a selection of appendices that are extremely helpful for the church.

I appreciated this little book. It stirred my heart toward the LORD. As things have been difficult it was refreshing to read. I encourage my readers to read this book for themselves and to obtain a copy for their pastors and elders. May your lives be blessed by this small treasure and may God be glorified.

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Paul Tautges serves as senior pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in Cleveland, Ohio. Paul is the author of many books including Comfort the Grieving, Counseling One Another, and Brass Heavens, and serves as the series editor for the LifeLine Mini-Books.

Paul blogs regularly at

Pray About Everything: Cultivating God-Dependency was published by Shepherd Press.

A free copy of this book was provided through Cross Focused Reviews for my honest opinion.

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Cheryl L. Stansberry
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