O GOD With Goodness All Thy Own

John Quincy Adams

O GOD with goodness all thy own
In mercy cause thy face to shine;
So shall thy ways on earth be known,
Thy saving health and power divine:
O let the gladdening nations sing,
And praise thy name with hallowed mirth,
For thou of righteousness art King,
And rulest all the subject earth.

O let the people praise the Lord;
The people all thy praise express;
And earth her plenty shall afford,
And God yea, our own God, shall bless;
Our God his blessing shall bestow;
His power, his goodness, shall appear;
And all the ends of earth shall know
And worship him with holy fear.

Taken from Poems of Religion and Society by John Quincy Adams

Cheryl L. Stansberry

Cheryl L. Stansberry is a Christian speculative fiction writer and blogger with a desire to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and make Him beautiful and glorious in the eyes of the people.

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